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Member ID Fix-Ups Plug-In

This plug-in is used to fix up member IDs in the XML comments files due to quirks in the various compilers that cause a mismatch between the member IDs in the XML comments and the reflection data. The most common problems are with member IDs generated by the C++ compiler.

The list box at the top of the configuration dialog box shows the list of match expressions to use. As you move from one entry to another, the expression information is displayed in the text boxes for editing. Click the Add button to add a new expression. Click the Delete button to delete an expression from the list. Click the C++ Fixes button to add the common C++ member ID fix-ups. These are equivalent to the C++ fix-ups project property in earlier versions of the help file builder.

The default expression on new entries is a dummy type replacement expression. Use the text boxes at the bottom of the form to change it to an expression for your project and the replacement to use. Regular expressions are supported to match groups of common expressions for replacement. If using a regular expression, be sure to check the Match using a regular expression checkbox. If left unchecked, a simple literal comparison is used to match the given ID and replace it with the literal replacement value.

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