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Completion Notification Plug-In

This plug-in is used to send notification of the build completion status via e-mail. The log file can be included as an optional attachment. Configuration options must be defined before it can be used. The configuration options are as follows:

Configuration OptionDescription
SMTP ServerEnter the name of the SMTP server used to send the e-mail.
Port #Enter the port number to use on the server when sending the e-mail.
Use default credentialsIf this checkbox is checked, the current user's credentials at build time will be used to send the e-mail. If running this on a build server or if your e-mail server requires authentication, uncheck this box and supply a user name and password.
User Name and Password

Use these to enter specific credentials for sending the e-mail

Security note Security Note

The password is stored in the project file in plain text.

From E-Mail AddressEnter a From e-mail address. If one is not supplied, the address will be used as the sender.
Note Note

Some e-mail servers require a valid From address on the e-mail or at least one that comes from the same domain.

Success E-Mail AddressIf you want an e-mail sent on a successful build, enter the e-mail address here. If no address is entered, no e-mail will be sent on successful builds.
Failure E-Mail AddressA failure e-mail address is required. This is where the failure notification will be sent.
Attach build log on successful buildCheck this box if you would like the build log to be attached to the success e-mail. If unchecked, the log will not be sent.
Attach build log on failed buildCheck this box if you would like the build log to be attached to the failure e-mail. If unchecked, the log will not be sent.
Optional XSL TransformIf specified and the log file is to be attached to the e-mail, the log file is ran through the specified transform and the resulting HTML file is attached in its place. If not specified, the raw log file is attached. The default transform can be used by specifying {@SHFBFolder}Templates\TransformBuildLog.xsl.

This plug-in runs after the build has completed and the log file has been closed but before it is deleted if the KeepLogFile option is set to false. Note that because the log file is closed, any failure messages reported by this plug-in as it tries to send the e-mail will not appear in the log file itself.

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