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Sandcastle Help File Builder

Output Deployment Plug-In

This plug-in is used to deploy the resulting help file output to a location other than the output folder (i.e. a file share, a web server, an FTP site, etc.). This plug-in will require configuration before it can be used. The configuration options are as follows:

Configuration Option


Delete source files after deploying them

Check this box to delete the source help files after they have been deployed. This option applies to all help file formats built by the project and deployed by the plug-in.

Help file format options

For each help file format (HTML Help 1, website, and markdown), you can define a different set of deployment options. Fill in the options for each help file format built by the project. The options are the same for all formats and are described below.

The following options are available for each help file format.

Configuration Option


Target Location

Enter the location to which the help file output should be copied. This can be a file path, a UNC path, or a URL for a website or FTP site. If a relative file path is specified, it will be relative to the project folder.

Note Note

HTTP/FTP Limitation: Be aware that there is a limitation when deploying output to an HTTP or FTP URL. Any subfolders in the source website and/or destination URL must already exist in the destination website or FTP site. If not, the deployment will fail. If possible, deploy to a file or UNC path that maps to the URL as they do not have this limitation.

Security note Security Note

Using HTTP for uploads is not recommended as you must grant write permissions to the folders which is a security risk.

Use default credentials

If this checkbox is checked, the current user's credentials at build time will be used to upload the resulting files to the given URL. If running this on a build server and/or authentication is required, uncheck this box and supply a user name and password.

User Name and Password

Use these to enter specific credentials for uploading the files to the target URL.

Security note Security Note

The password is stored in the project file in plain text.

Use Proxy Server

If the upload of the files fails and you are behind a proxy server, you may need to supply proxy server credentials. Uncheck this box to enter the proxy server name and credentials.

Proxy Server

Enter the name of the proxy server to use.

Use default credentials (Proxy server)

If checked, default credentials for the current user will be passed to the proxy server at build time. If specific credentials are needed, uncheck this box and enter a user name and password.

User Name and Password (Proxy server)

Use these to enter specific credentials for the proxy server.

Security note Security Note

The password is stored in the project file in plain text.

You only need to enter information for the help file formats that are built by the project and/or that you want to deploy. If a target location is left blank for any given format, deployment of that format will be skipped.

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