SampleClassVariousNoteExamples Method

This shows the result of the various note types.


Namespace: XMLCommentsExamples
Assembly: XMLCommentsExamples (in XMLCommentsExamples.dll) Version: 2014.1.26.0
public virtual void VariousNoteExamples()


These are various examples of the different note types.


This example demonstrates the handling of a note element with no defined type. It defaults to the "note" style.


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  Notes to Implementers

Override this method in a derived class to do something useful

  Notes to Callers

Calling this implementation will have no effect at all

  Notes to Inheritors

Types inheriting this base method will have no use for it as it does nothing


Use of this method is not recommended.


XML is case-sensitive so the note type must be entered as shown in order for it to be interpreted correctly.


Calling this method excessively will only slow down your application.

  Security Note

It is always safe to call this method.

  Security Note

This method requires no special privileges

  C# Note

Use parentheses when calling this method in C#.

  Visual Basic Note

Parentheses are not required when calling this method in Visual Basic.

  C++ Note

Use parentheses when calling this method in C++.

  J# Note

Use parentheses when calling this method in J#.

  To Do

This could contain a To Do list.

  Project Road Map

This note contains a custom title.

See the note topic for a full list of all possible note types.

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