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Configuration Options

To set the spelling tag underline color, select Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors and select the Spelling Error display item. The default color is magenta. All other spell checker options are found in the configuration editor that appears when you select Tools | Spell Checker | Edit Global Configuration or open a .vsspell configuration file within a solution or project. They are divided into several categories described below.

Once you have finished making changes to the configuration options, save the file. Global configuration options are saved to a file in the local application data folder where the custom dictionaries are kept and will be used by all versions of Visual Studio in which the spell checker package is installed. Solution, project, folder, and file-specific settings files are stored within the solution or project to which they apply.

Note Note

In general, you must close and reopen a spell checked file for any modified settings to take effect. Dictionaries are global resources and are cached for reuse when subsequent files are opened within the same solution. If you make changes to the dictionary locations used in a configuration, you must close and reopen the solution to ensure that the dictionary changes take effect. The exception is removing words from a user dictionary. Changes to user dictionaries are immediate.

Click the Reset button to reset the configuration to its default state. All options with the exception of the user dictionary are reset to their default value. Use the Dictionary Settings category to remove words from the user dictionary.

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