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XML Files

XML files are given special handling to ignore the content of certain elements entirely and to include the values of certain attributes when spell checking is performed. This can greatly reduce the number of false reports when working with XML files. The options are divided into two sections in this category.

  • Ignored XML Elements - This section lets you manage the list of ignored XML elements. If an element name appears in this list, its inner text will be ignored when spell checking is performed. All other elements not in the list will have their inner text spell checked.

  • Spell Checked Attributes - This section lets you manage the list of attribute names that will have their values spell checked. The values for all other attributes not in the list will be ignored.

Each section contains a text box in which you can enter one or more element or attribute names. Click the Add button to add the name(s) to the list. XML is case sensitive so enter the names exactly as they appear in the files. The list box shows the current entries in each section. Select an entry and click the Remove button to remove it. Clicking the Default button will reset the associated list to the default set of elements or attributes.

For non-global settings, an option is available to inherit the ignored XML elements and spell checked attributes from configurations above the current one. If enabled, any elements and attributes in the current configuration are added to those. If disabled, the settings in the current configuration will replace the inherited lists of elements and attributes. If not inherited and a list is left empty, it effectively clears the list of elements or attributes.

When the inherited option is enabled, the Default buttons clear the list of elements or attributes. If not inherited, they will set the list to the same one used in the global configuration.

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