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Import Settings

This category lets you specify another spell checker configuration file from which settings will be imported when the containing configuration file is loaded for use. This allows you to import settings from a common, non-project-related location such as a company or team-specific configuration file, or from a settings file in a shared project that isn't part of the current solution or project's folder structure such as a Git submodule.

To specify the configuration file, enter its name in the text box or use the button to browse for the file. If specifying it in the global configuration, the path should be fully qualified. For non-global configuration files (solution, project, folder, or file configurations), relative paths will be considered relative to the location of the configuration file containing the import file reference.

Important note Important

When specifying the import file in the global configuration, the settings in the imported file will override settings in the global configuration. This is because the global settings file does not inherit from anything else.

When importing a configuration file into any other non-global configuration file, the settings in the containing file will override settings from the imported file. This allows you to import a common set of base configuration settings and then selectively override them in the containing configuration file.

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