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Sandcastle XML Comments Guide


This element is used to define an example for a type or one of its members to show how it is used.


This top-level element is valid on all types and members. A description is optional. One or more code elements are typically included to show the example code. More descriptive text can be included between the code elements as needed.

Optional code description

<code language="cs">
/// Example code

/// <summary>
/// This returns a random number
/// </summary>
/// <returns>A random number using <see cref="SampleNumber"/> as the seed.</returns>
/// <example>
/// The following example demonstrates the use of this method.
/// <code language="cs">
/// // Get a new random number
/// SampleClass sc = new SampleClass(10);
/// int random = sc.GetRandomNumber();
/// Console.WriteLine("Random value: {0}", random);
/// </code>
/// <code language="vb">
/// ' Get a new random number
/// Dim sc As SampleClass = New SampleClass(10)
/// Dim random As Integer = sc.GetRandomNumber()
/// Console.WriteLine("Random value: {0}", random)
/// </code>
/// </example>
/// <conceptualLink target="1abd1992-e3d0-45b4-b43d-91fcfc5e5574" />
/// <conceptualLink target="1bef716a-235b-4d96-a23e-f43b8dcf9abd" />
public int GetRandomNumber()
    return new Random(this.SampleNumber).Next();
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