Links to Resources

This topics contains links to various resources that you may find useful.

Guides and Articles

The following are various guides and articles that will help you become familiar with XML comments, conceptual content, and Sandcastle.

Third-party Build Components, Plug-Ins, and Tools

The following components can add new features to the help topics generated by Sandcastle.

  • For a list of components supplied with the help file builder, see the BuildAssembler Components topic.

  • For a list of supplied plug-ins used to alter and extend the help file builder's build process, see the Build Process Plug-Ins topic.

  • XML Schema Documenter - This plug-in allows you to integrate reference documentation for XML schemas into your help files.

  • Sandcastle LaTeX - This custom build component converts LaTeX embedded in XML comments to images in the final help file. The component utilizes mimeTeX 1.7.

The following third-party tools are also available for use with Sandcastle and the help file builder.

  • Code Project Article: Producing Documentation for SQL Server Objects Using Sandcastle

  • ShoBiz - This is a BizTalk tool that generates Sandcastle documentation from BizTalk artifacts deployed into the databases. It promotes documentation as part of the solution lifecycle. The documentation structure mimics the Admin Console and extracts documentation comments from all sources.

Discussion Groups, Blogs, Etc.

The following resources provide places to discuss Sandcastle and the related tools, report bugs, and ask for help.

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