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Sandcastle Help File Builder

BuildAssembler Components

Custom build components can be used to add additional features to the help topics as they are generated by the Sandcastle BuildAssembler.exe tool and are supported by the help file builder. See the Build Component Configurations topic for information on adding components to the project and setting up third-party components for use with the help file builder.

The following build components are supplied with the help file builder and are pre-configured for you in its configuration file templates:

You can override the default configuration for the Code Block Component and the Syntax Component by adding the components to your project using the Build Component Configurations property page and configuring them there. The Show Missing Documentation component (not listed) is configured via project properties and the Multi-Format Output component has no configurable properties. As such, they will not appear in the Components property page.

The following build components are not pre-configured and must be added to the project in order to use them.

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