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Sandcastle Help File Builder

BuildStep Enumeration

This public enumerated type defines the build steps used when reporting progress during a build.

Namespace:  SandcastleBuilder.Utils.BuildEngine
Assembly:  SandcastleBuilder.Utils (in SandcastleBuilder.Utils.dll) Version: 2019.11.17.0
public enum BuildStep
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  Member nameValueDescription
None0The build has not yet started.
Initializing1Initializing to prepare for build.
ClearWorkFolder2The working folder is about to be created or cleared.
ValidatingDocumentationSources3The documentation source information is being validated and copied to the build folder.
GenerateSharedContent4The shared content files are being generated.
GenerateApiFilter5Generate the API filter for MRefBuilder
GenerateReflectionInfo6The reflection information is being generated by MRefBuilder.
TransformReflectionInfo7The reflection information is being transformed by XslTransform based on the presentation style's document model and the topic manifest is being generated.
GenerateNamespaceSummaries8Namespace summary information is being generated.
GenerateInheritedDocumentation9All <inheritDoc /> tags are being expanded.
CopyConceptualContent10The conceptual content files are being copied to the working and output folders.
CreateConceptualTopicConfigs11The conceptual content topic configuration files are being generated.
CopyAdditionalContent12The additional content files are being copied to the help output folder.
MergeTablesOfContents13The conceptual and additional content tables of contents are being merged.
GenerateIntermediateTableOfContents14The intermediate table of contents is being generated by XslTransform.
CreateBuildAssemblerConfigs15The sandcastle.configBuildAssembler configuration file is being created.
MergeCustomConfigs16Custom build component configurations are being merged into the sandcastle.config file.
BuildTopics17Conceptual and/or API reference help file topics are being generated by BuildAssembler.
CombiningIntermediateTocFiles18The intermediate table of content files are being merged into a single file.
ExtractingHtmlInfo19Title and keyword index information is being extracted for the HTML Help 1 TOC and index and/or website TOC.
CopyStandardHelpContent20The standard help file content (art, scripts, styles, and other standard presentation style content) is being copied to the help output folder.
GenerateHelpFormatTableOfContents21The format-specific table of contents is being generated by XslTransform.
GenerateHelpFileIndex22The help file index is being generated.
GenerateHelpProject23The help project file is being generated.
CompilingHelpFile24The help file project is being compiled.
GenerateFullTextIndex25Generate full-text index for ASP.NET website search.
CopyingWebsiteFiles26The website files are being copied to the output path.
CleanIntermediates27The temporary help project files are being removed.
Completed28The build has completed successfully.
Canceled29The build was canceled by user request.
Failed30The build failed with an unexpected error.
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