This element is used to describe method parameters.


This top-level element is valid on methods and operator overloads to describe each parameter. paramName is the name of the parameter being referenced.

<param name="paramName">Parameter description</param>


There should be one param element for each method or operator overload parameter. The description will be used as the display text for the parameter in IntelliSense and the Object Browser.


Method Example
/// <summary>
/// Executes a <see cref="SqlCommand" /> with the specified
/// <paramref name="storedProcName" /> as a stored procedure initialized
/// for updating the values of the specified <paramref name="row" />.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="storedProcName">The stored procedure name to execute</param>
/// <param name="row">The row to update</param>
/// <conceptualLink target="e54dcff7-f8f3-4a11-9d17-1cf7decd880e" />
/// <conceptualLink target="fa7d6ea0-93ce-41f6-9417-2f98e80fe9f5" />
public void CallStoredProcedure(string storedProcName, int row)
    // ...
Operator Overload
/// <summary>
/// Addition operator overload
/// </summary>
/// <param name="left">The left value</param>
/// <param name="right">The right value</param>
/// <returns>A new instance containing the sum of the left and right
/// sample numbers</returns>
/// <conceptualLink target="e54dcff7-f8f3-4a11-9d17-1cf7decd880e" />
public static SampleClass operator +(SampleClass left, SampleClass right)
    return new SampleClass(left.SampleNumber + right.SampleNumber);

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