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Sandcastle XML Comments Guide


This element is used to list events that can be raised by a type's member.


This top-level element is valid on any member in which an event can be raised. eventType is the name of the event type that can be raised.

<event cref="eventType">description</event>

There should be one event element for each event type that can be raised.

Note Note

This is a custom XML comments element implemented by Sandcastle. It will not appear in the list of valid elements for XML comments IntelliSense.

/// <summary>
/// This performs an action
/// </summary>
/// <event cref="SomethingHappened">This event is raised to let the user know
/// something happened.</event>
/// <conceptualLink target="81bf7ad3-45dc-452f-90d5-87ce2494a182" />
public void PerformAnAction()
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