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Ignored Files

This category lets you define sets of files to exclude from being spell checked by using a filename wildcard pattern.

To add a new ignored wildcard pattern, enter it in the text box and click the Add button. The wildcard characters ? and * can be used to match any single character or range of characters respectively. The pattern can be a filename alone or can include a full or partial path. For example, the default global configuration contains an entry for \bin\* that ignores all files in the .\bin folder which may appear in website projects. It also contains several other entries to ignore common script and designer files that typically should not be spell checked.

To remove an ignored file pattern, select it in the list and click the Remove button. To reset the list to the default set of ignored file patterns, click the Default button.

For non-global settings, an option is available to inherit the ignored file patterns from configurations above the current one. If enabled, any additional ignored file patterns in the current configuration are added to those. If disabled, the settings in the current configuration will replace the inherited list of ignored file patterns. If not inherited and the list is left empty, it effectively clears the list of ignored file patterns.

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