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BE0033: No APIs found to document

Error BE0033: No APIs found to document


This error occurs if no public API members were found to document in the project.


Check the following conditions which can cause this error:

  • You need to include at least one assembly or Visual Studio solution/project file in the help file project as a documentation source. Add the assembly, solution, or project to the Documentation Sources project node in the Project Explorer window.
  • At least one public class must appear in your code. If all classes are private or internal and must remain that way, set the DocumentPrivates and/or DocumentInternals project property to true so that private/internal members are documented.
  • You need to include at least one namespace to document. Check the NamespaceSummaries and/or the ApiFilter project properties to ensure that at least one item from your code is included. If all are excluded, there will not be anything to document.

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