This element is used to indicate that a word in the comments refers to a parameter, typically a method parameter.


This inline element can be used within any other element. paramName is the name of the parameter being referenced.

<paramref name="paramName" />


/// <summary>
/// Executes a <see cref="SqlCommand" /> with the specified
/// <paramref name="storedProcName" /> as a stored procedure initialized
/// for updating the values of the specified <paramref name="row" />.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="storedProcName">The stored procedure name to execute</param>
/// <param name="row">The row to update</param>
/// <conceptualLink target="e54dcff7-f8f3-4a11-9d17-1cf7decd880e" />
/// <conceptualLink target="fa7d6ea0-93ce-41f6-9417-2f98e80fe9f5" />
public void CallStoredProcedure(string storedProcName, int row)
    // ...

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