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Sandcastle Help File Builder

Customizing the Header and Footer Text

The text that appears in the header, footer, and copyright notice can be specified using the standard project properties. If you need to modify the format or style of these items, the preliminary documentation warning, or the feedback e-mail note, you can modify the related entries in the help file builder shared content files. These are found in the .\SHFBContent folder under each presentation style's folder.

Note Note

The resource files are language and presentation style specific. You will need to modify the entries for each language and presentation style that you support.

As an alternative to modifying the help file builder files, you can add a resource item file to your project and modify the affected items through it instead.

The following entries are available:

  • The header entry controls the header text. By default, only the HeaderText and Preliminary substitution tags are listed in here.

  • The preliminary entry controls the text of the preliminary documentation warning. When enabled, this text is substituted for the tag in the header entry.

  • The footer entry controls the layout of the page footer. By default, only the Comments and Copyright substitution tags appear in here.

  • The comments entry controls the layout of the "send e-mail" note that appears if a FeedbackEMailAddress is specified.

  • The copyright entry controls the layout of the copyright information that appears in the footer if CopyrightHref and/or CopyrightText are specified.

There are several additional entries in the files but almost all of them are set using project property replacement tags alone.

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