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Sandcastle Help File Builder

AjaxDoc Builder Plug-In

This plug-in is used to generate XML comments and reflection information for Atlas client script libraries using AjaxDoc that can then be used by the Sandcastle Help File Builder to produce a help file.

This topic contains the following sections:

Configuration Options

This plug-in will require configuration before it can be used. The configuration options are as follows.

Configuration Option


AjaxDoc URL

Enter the URL used to run AjaxDoc to produce the XML comments and reflection information file. This is also the base URL used to download the generated files.

Project Name

Enter the base name of the project that will produce the XML comments file and reflection information file. Do not include the file extension. This name is used as the project to run and for the names of the resulting files that are downloaded.

Regenerate the output files before downloading them

If this box is checked, the plug-in will invoke AjaxDoc at the supplied URL to generate up to date copies of the output files. If unchecked, it will download the existing copies of the files whether or not they are up to date.

Use default credentials

If this checkbox is checked, the current user's credentials at build time will be used to download the resulting files from the given URL. If running this on a build server and/or authentication is required, uncheck this box and supply a user name and password.

User Name and Password

Use these to enter specific credentials for downloading the resulting files.

Security note Security Note

The password is stored in the project file in plain text.

Use Proxy Server

If the download of the files fails and you are behind a proxy server, you may need to supply proxy server credentials. Uncheck this box to enter the proxy server name and credentials.

Proxy Server

Enter the name of the proxy server to use.

Use default credentials (Proxy server)

If checked, default credentials for the current user will be passed to the proxy server at build time. If specific credentials are needed, uncheck this box and enter a user name and password.

User Name and Password (Proxy server)

Use these to enter specific credentials for the proxy server.

Security note Security Note

The password is stored in the project file in plain text.

When using this plug-in, documentation sources and references can be left out as the plug-in will pull the necessary comments file from AjaxDoc. However, you can add additional XML comments files as documentation sources so that you can add comments for the namespaces in the AjaxDoc content or other additional information for the reference topics if you prefer to keep them separate from the project.

Select the JavaScript option in the Syntax Filters project property so that the declarations in the syntax section of each API topic are rendered in JavaScript.

The API Filter

The AjaxDoc plug-in supports the API filter. It can be used to remove unwanted namespaces, types, and/or members from the help file. See the API Filter Property topic for details on how it can be used. Be aware that since the API filter is generated prior to the XML comments file being downloaded, any members with <exclude /> tags will not be removed unless you have opened the API filter editor and let it create a filter that includes them.

Note for AjaxDoc 1.1 or Earlier Users

Be aware that earlier versions of AjaxDoc have a couple of bugs that cause the JScript syntax generator to crash and nested namespaces to appear at both the root level and below their parent namespaces in the table of contents. Upgrade to the latest version (AjaxDoc 1.2 or later) which contains the necessary fixes for these issues.

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