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Script# Reflection File Fixer Plug-In

This plug-in is used to modify the reflection information file produced after running MRefBuilder on assemblies created by the Script# compiler so that it is suitable for use in producing a help file. This plug-in contains no configuration options. It simply adds an additional transformation that runs after the reflection information file has been generated that fixes up certain elements in it so that they are documented correctly.

Add the Script# generated assemblies or the Visual Studio project or solution that produces them to the project as documentation sources. If you add the assemblies, be sure to add the necessary Script# dependency assemblies to the References project node. You can find them in the Script# installation folder (C:\Program Files\nStuff\ScriptSharp\v1.0\Framework by default).

You can select the JavaScript option in the Syntax Filters project property so that the syntax section in the API topics renders the declarations in JavaScript.

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