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Sandcastle MAML Guide

Visual Studio IntelliSense

This topic covers how to integrate MAML schema files into Visual Studio's global schema cache to provide IntelliSense when editing MAML topics within Visual Studio.

Tip Tip

The guided installer used to install Sandcastle and the related tools provides an option to install the MAML schemas in the Visual Studio global schema cache for you.

Note Note

Because changes are made to the Program Files folder, you will need administrative privileges to perform these updates. In the instructions below, %ProgramFiles% is used to refer to the Program Files folder. This will typically be C:\Program Files on 32-bit systems and C:\Program Files (x86) on 64-bit systems. You may need to alter the paths below if you installed Visual Studio and/or Sandcastle in different locations.

Integrating MAML Schema Files into Visual Studio

  1. Create a subfolder named MAML under Visual Studio's global schema cache folder which is located at %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio [x.x]\Xml\Schemas where "[x.x]" is each version of Visual studio such as "12.0" (VS 2013) and "14.0" (VS 2015). You can repeat the following steps for each version of Visual Studio that you have installed.

  2. Copy all of the MAML schemas and the catalog file from the %ProgramFiles%\Sandcastle\Schemas\Authoring folder into the new MAML schemas folder that you created in the previous step.

  3. Update the root %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio [x.x]\Xml\Schemas\catalog.xml file by including the following line:

    <Catalog href="%InstallRoot%/xml/schemas/MAML/catalog.xml" />
  4. IntelliSense should now work for all MAML topics automatically in Visual Studio. If you had Visual Studio open while making the changes, you may need to restart it in order to see IntelliSense in the MAML topic files.

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