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EWSoftware.ImageMaps.Web.Controls Namespace

This namespace contains the classes related to the web server image map control and image areas.
Public classCode exampleImageAreaBase
This is the abstract base class for the image area types of the web server ImageMap control
Public classCode exampleImageAreaCircle
This is the circle image area class
Public classCode exampleImageAreaPolygon
This is the polygon image area class
Public classCode exampleImageAreaRectangle
This is the rectangle image area class
Public classCode exampleImageMap
This is a derived WebControl class that can be used to render an image map (an image with hyperlink hot spots).
Public classWebImageAreaCollection
This is an ImageAreaCollection-derived class that implements IStateManager so that web-based image areas can track their view state.
Public enumerationAreaClickAction
This enumerated type defines the action to take when an area is clicked in the web server ImageMap control.
Public enumerationWindowTarget
This enumerated type defines the locations in which a browser window can be opened by the areas in a web server ImageMap control when clicked and their Action property is set to Navigate.