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HtmlToMamlConversion Namespace

This namespace contains the classes used to convert HTML files to MAML topic files.
Public classConversionProgressEventArgs
This is a custom event arguments class for the ConversionProgress event.
Public classConvertHtmlToMaml
This utility is used to convert HTML files to MAML topics and create some supporting files.
Public classFileParser
This is used to parse an HTML file to extract the various parts for conversion to MAML
Public classHtmlToMaml
This class is used to convert a set of HTML file to their close equivalent as conceptual MAML topic files.
Public classImageReference
This represents an image reference
Public classImageReferenceCollection
This is a collection of image references
Public classTagOptions
This is used to contain the options and state for a Tag entry from the conversion rules file.
Public classTopic
This represents a topic file
Public classTopicCollection
This is a collection of topic items